Dr. Francisco Borja was a special guest at the entertainment given to Constanza Báez, the second most beautiful woman in the universe, on his return to the country on Saturday 23th of November at the Hilton Colon Guayaquil after his spectacular performance at Miss Universe 2013, held in Russia.

Dr. Borja, as Miss Ecuador Official Surgeon, accompanied Constanza all times. He prepared her for the national Miss Ecuador 2013 contest. After Miss Báez coronation as Beauty Queen in the country, Dr. Borja was part of the team that prepared her for global competition. She was the second finalist of this event.

In the photographs, we see Dr. Borja next to Constanza, after the entertainment, Constanza visited Borja Clinic. In the picture we see Dr. Francisco Borja and his wife Dra. Beatriz Ponce de Borja.

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