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  • new technique Ecuadorian surgical technique improves appearance of abdomen after cesarean section
  • Buttocks surgeries: reduction, lift and augmentation:Our technique involves in making a liposuction to all the tissues around the buttocks to highlight a natural derriere. Afterwards we make a fat graft around the area so the buttocks have a more natural shaping with a natural look and minimal scaring.
  • AbdominoplastyThe concepts of large scars have changed. An abdominal liposuction plus skin tightening and building a natural corcelete by muscle plication leaves an outstanding result, a natural beauty defined by the waist-hip index of 0.7
  • Blefaroplastia y lifting facialOur techniques are based on physics, geometry and creative science. With moderate internal and external scars, antigravity vectors are used to rejuvenate the eyelids, face, neck and chest with long lasting results. We are pioneers in the use of antigravitational vectors, technique invented by Dr. Borja, having outstanding and long-lasting results in face rejuvenation.
  • LiposculptureLiposculpture is a modern surgical procedure designed to eliminate fat through small incisions in the skin using a blunt cannula with holes at the tip, which is connected to a syringe that produces the vacuum needed to absorb or suck the adipose tissue. Although liposculpture seems easy, it is a difficult procedure that requires very specific morphology and body anatomy knowledge besides certain artistic sense.
  • Breast surgeries: Augmentation, reduction and breast lift:In plastic surgery, breast augmentation is one of the most gratifying types of surgery. Its greatest achievement is obtaining a natural breast in its consistency, movement and shape. In Clinica Borja we use fat grafting enriched with growth factors, to avoid using prothesis in young women with excelent results.
  • RhinoplastyRhinoplasty is one of the most common procedures in Ecuador and is demanded by women and men alike. It's main objective is to achieve a greater harmonic effect, not only of the nose as an independent structure, but also in relationship with the facial physiognomy.

Dr. Borja is one of the most prestigious Plastic Surgeons of Ecuador, recognized by major Plastic Surgery organizations in the world such as the international society of asthetic plastic surgery (ISAPS).

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Miss Ecuador Official Plastic Surgeon

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