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Using laser allows skin to restore radiance lost by the passage of time, environmental conditions or effects of everyday stress, because it gives light to the face, which is usually opaque or has signs of abuse.
Many medical studies worldwide attest that the laser is the only effective method for rejuvenation of the overall structure of the face. (See bibliography below)
The laser technique is safe, painless and quick, with immediate results. Only half an hour of your time is required to make a laser session to correct wrinkles, stretch marks, aging skin or blemishes.
Each session helps the skin to definitely retract from 3 to 5 mm, since the laser generates collagenesis (collagen activation) and activates hyaluronic acid metabolsim, contracting the actin and myosin fibers that help the skin have more elasticity. Thus, wrinkles on the surface are removed. Through successive sessions are required to permanently remove deeper wrinkles. Laser treatments in Clinica Borja are painless, fast and with immediate results. Other Fotona® Laser treatments available in our clinic are:

- Acne & Acne Scar Treatment
- Onychomycosis
- Permanent Hair Reduction
- Pigmented Lesions
- Scar Treatment
- Skin Resurfacing
- Tattoo Removal
- Vascular Lesions
- Forehead lines removal
- Crows feet removal
- Smoker’s lines removal
- Keloid treatment
- Recovery of skin felxibility after weight loss
- Marionette lines removal

- Nasolabial folds removal
- Bunny lines removal
- Frown lines removal
- Skin Blemishes removal
- Stretch marks treatment
- Tattoo Removal
- Permanent hair removal (underarms, bikini line, mustache, face, back, body in general)
- Definitive Treatment of active acne
- Definitive Treatment of acne scars
- Nevus (moles)
- Wrinkle Removal
- Facelift
- Arm Lift


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February 23th 2014

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