Nowadays we are surrounded by plenty of information through the media, internet or magazines.
This information is accessible to all of us; the problem lies in the type of information we receive:

Today we talk a lot about dietng, body fitness, ideal weight and a number of parameters/guidelines to continue to live in a healthy manner. People often make “miraculous” diets that will make them loose wight fat fast will probably make them more damage than benefits due to the lack of knowledge in nutrition, including long term consequences in health. In Clinica Borja, this concept goes beyond care or exact measurements to consider an ideal body; for us, nutrition is the art of eating right.

It is the most sublime and one of the most satisfying pleasures of life. Eating. That's why our goal is to let you know that the word "diet" does not exist for us as it involves a number of restrictions and sufferings and sacrifices that are often unnecessary and come to affect us physically and mentally. For us, diet means lifestyle.

For us, diet means a healthy meal plan, which leads to a balance of mind and body. Because ‘we are what we eat’. Clinica Borja has excelent results, because we are a group of professionals that send personalized programs to each one of our patients, specially if they will be having an outcoming surgery. The diet plan before and after the surgery intervention will not only guarantee the satisfaction of our patients, but the long durability of the results.

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