Throughout the world, every day advances in plastic surgery ensure and improve its results; although there are many methods that aim to produce the same effects, they fail to be as durable and reliable as the results which only plastic surgery can guarantee.

Within the field of plastic surgery, Francisco Borja Zavala M.D. Ph.D is distinguished as the only guayaquillian doctor specialized in the prestigious Doctor Ivo Pintanguy plastic surgery school in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Equipped with the most advanced technology in his clinic, Doctor Borja applies the latest techniques in the broad field of plastic and reconstructive surgery and provides safe and lasting results in the field of cosmetic surgery.

Regarding Clinica Borja’s missions, we are highlighted for the contribution of spreading the scope and expected results of the specialty. Thus, we inform our patients about all the best professional practices of what real plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery can offer with no magical or miraculous results, only using knowledge and the best quality in service. We hope that this information you will read in this webpage can serve to form a very good first impression of our practices and produce a professional consultation in our clinic to discuss your particular case.

Dr. Jose Francisco Borja Zavala graduated as Doctor in Medicine and Surgery on April 17th, 1984 at the Medical Sciences Faculty in the University of Guayaquil. He was the main professor of the Semiotics’ department in the University between 1984 and 1986. In March 15th, 1991, he graduated as a Specialist in Plastic Surgery at the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and the Medical Post-Graduate Institute Carlos Chagas in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Finishing his studies at Ivo Pitanguy Clinic of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, graduating after concluding his studies. He returned to his country and founded Clínica Borja in 1994.

Name: Jose Francisco Borja Zavala

Date of birth: October 2nd 1958

Marital status: Married (Dra. Beatriz Ponce de Borja)

Profession: Plastic Surgeon

Address: Luis Orrantia and Nahim Isaias avenues intersection, UDIMEF 1 building (Blue building) first floor, clinic No. 107

PBX: (+593 4) 2680 508, 2680 509 Fax: (+593 4) 2680 510


Obtained titles: Medicine and Surgery doctorate by the University of Santiago de Guayaquil. April 17th 1984

National and International Congresses:

5th World Congress. International Society of Astethic Surgery

Invited Professor:

Subjects: Buttocks reshaping in the half breed body.

Periareolar Mammoplasty. Anchoring stitches

Tokyo, Japan.

November 15th to the 18th, 2008

5th Regional Bolivarian Congress in Plastic Surgery

Subjects: Corporal modelling in racially mixed body and buttocks augmentation without prothesis.


April 30th, 2007

8th International Congress of Plastic Surgery, and 9th National Congress of the Peruvian Society of Plastic Surgery

Subjects: Corporal Modelling in racially mixed body and buttocks augmentation without prothesis.

Lima - Peru.

October 26th to the 29th, 2006

I South American Worldwide International Days of Plastic Surgery, First International Aesthetic Medicine Courses and You implant of hair.

Subjects: August 8: Simposiurn Mammoplasty, Periareolar Mammoplasty

August 9: Abdominoplasty

August 10: Face Rejuvenation.

Hotel Oro Verde. Guayaquil, Ecuador.

August 2002

XVII Ecuadorian Congress of Plastic Surgery.

Symposium “Breast Surgery”

Subjects: Periareolar Mammoplasty

Barceló hotel Colón - Miramar. Salinas Ecuador

October 11th , 2001

I International Course of the Aesthetic FILACP, XVII Ecuadorian Congress of Plastic Surgery.

Subject: Breast Implants: Access methods, advantages and disadvantages.

Barceló Hotel Colón – Miramar Salinas, Ecuador

October 9th, 2001

XI International Plastic Surgery Association Congress, I Course of Aesthetic Surgery.

Subjects: Racialy Mixed Body (Mestizo Body): Diagnosis and treatment.

Use of the C02 Laser in Rhinoplasty, June, 2001

Exerted positions:

Specialist in Plastic Surgery by the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro and the Medical Institute of Post-Graduation Carlos Chagas. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. March 15th of 1991

Semiology teacher in Guayaquil’s state University

26th November of 1984 to December of 1986

Resident surgeon Ad-Honorem of the Guayaquil Hospital, Department of General Surgery. From July 16th, 1984 to July 16th 1986.

Resident doctor by contest of Cancer National Institute Service in reconstructive Surgery, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from April 1987 to April 1988

Resident doctor by contest in Professor Ivo Pitanguy’s Clinic and Santa Casa Of Mercy’s Service of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 1988 to 1991

Voluntary surgeon in service of plastic surgery Guayaquil’s general Hospital From 1992 to 1993

Founder and Director of Clinica Borja

Miembro consultor del Consejo Editorial y Editorialista, Revista de la Asociación Española de Cirugía Estética Plástica. AECEP

Distinción por el Congreso Nacional del Ecuador
Plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive clinic.
Guayaquil, May of 1994.

Main distinctions:

Member of the Ecuadorian Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Active member of ISAPS (International society of aesthetic plastic surgery)

Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery Active member

American Society of Plastic Surgery Active member

lberoamerican Society of Plastic Surgy Active member

Alumni society Professor Ivo Pitanguy, AEXPl Active member

Vice-president of the Ecuadorian Society of Plastic Surgery, Reconstructive and Aestethic 2002 to 2004.

Man of the year 1999. For his shining profits in the scientific field contributing to the socio-economic development of Ecuador. Economic Seminarium. Ecuador

It is extremely important to emphasize the need to work in multidisciplinary teams of doctors and professionals to offer the best quality work.

The increasing complexity of the specialty has led it to branch into several subspecialties which, either individually or in collaboration with other specialties, treat particular diseases.

The sum and combination of the knowledge of each specialty and specific technical training are key to obtaining the best results. Because of this, nowadays we consider real specialties within Plastic Surgery: Pediatric Plastic Surgery, Plastic Microsurgery, Periorbital Surgery, Cancer Reconstructive Surgery, Hand Surgery, Intimate Surgery, among others.

With respect to the medical team, it not only consists of the Plastic Surgery group, but extends to other specialists such as Maxillofacial Surgery, Craniofacial surgery or Mastology surgery as examples. And nonsurgical specialists branches as Internal medicine, Cardiology, Radiology, endocrinology, ophthalmology, dermatology or dentists.

Cosmetic Surgery requires all the knowledge of plastic surgery as well as specific training and experience. It is complemented by aesthetic medicine and requires the collaboration of other non-medical professionals such as physiotherapists, massage therapists, and, crucially, by the beautician, whose main purpose is not only the guidance and support of patients, but to prevent problems arising from a lack of appropriate care.

Any costs are hard to estimate without an assessment for each case. Despite what magazines may say, each patient is unique and different.

Before any medical intervention can take place, an adequate examination must be carried out in order to make an accurate diagnosis and to recommend the correct indications.

Furthermore, although our surgical team fees once determined are indicated, the anesthetist costs are variable depending on the type of anesthesia (local, local with sedation, epidural or general), time delay operation (surgical time) and hospital internation (if performed on an outpatient or inpatient 24 or 48 hours).

There are so many factors that the expenses for the hospital can vary up to 25%.

The surgical team fees include all clinical care and postoperative visits during the first year, where we are finally able to discharge the patient from annual reviews (except in breast prosthesis surgeries, in which case annual control reviews are included).

What’s Included in the Surgery Costs at Clínica Borja

It is also included in the cost if any complications should occur within the first year- if any type of reoperation, retouching or refinement is required to improve the result. If so, the patient will only pay the costs incurred in the operation: the materials used, the operating room, the hospital, the anesthesiologist, and where appropriate, the cost of the prosthesis.

Surgical Team fees, the anesthetist and, in the certain cases, the cost of the prosthesis, are to be payed at least one week before the date set for the intervention. At the time of admission an initial deposit is required, which will be indicated by our secretary.

The first consultation fee ranges from $ 40 to 80 USD and correspond to the time that Dr. Francisco Borja spends with each patient.

After the intervention, in some cases massages must be given to patients that have been operated using liposuction techniques. This will help the body tissues to recover as it’s an anti-inflammatory method that imporves the results of the surgery. This massages do not have any cost if they are carried out in the clinic. There is a small fee for patients that request private massages sessions at their houses.

For us, the most important factor is your health. The safety of cosmetic surgery is based primarily above all on operating on healthy patients.

When you come to our clinic, a doctor, assistant to Dr. Francisco Borja, will guide you through the medical history questionnaire and, depending on the type of intervention, Dr. Francisco Borja will ask you to carry out relevant studies and he will ask you to give relevant information before performing the surgery.

For some interventions such as nose, breast or eyelid surgery, we will request specific tests while, in general, the tests you must take before your operation include blood tests: Complete blood test, coagulation and biochemistry as well as a electocardiogram. (EKG).

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